How to Light a Fire Faster!

Although it was Prometheus who once stole fire from the ancient gods to share with mankind, today it's Jundor that shows you how to start a fire quickly, easily and safely. The knowledge of how to light a fire once changed the world and with a little Jundor know-how we can change the way you use what was once the best kept secret of the gods! Learn how to light a fire successfully and also how to re-kindle fire embers the Jundor way.

"As President of the British BBQ Association I have used many tools over the years to aid good bbqing and was instantly impressed with the Jundor Power Bellows that help light a charcoal bbq in minutes without the need for chemical lighters and fluids."
Ben Bartlett FBII, MIH, Master C.G.C.

Gold award winners at the British invention show

Powe bellows to light your bbq faster

How to Start a Fire Quickly and Easily - for BBQ, Chimenea, Fire Pit, Wood Burner & Coal Fires

We don't use any VOCs (volatile organic compounds) so there's no risk of harm to you or the environment!

If you're looking for the catch, let me tell you that we've been looking since the inception of the Power Bellows and we've pretty much given up!

How to Light a Fire Easily

Not only are the bellows of such a convenient size and ergonomic design that they help you start your fire comfortably with a single hand, they also accurately deliver air from a distance that ensures that you won't suffer from singed fingertips.

Not only can we show you how to light your fire but the Jundor Power Bellows is just as capable of reigniting dying embers in your fire.

Whatever you do, don't tell anyone else before you've ordered your very own, but if you want to know how to light a fire faster, more safely and in a more ecologically aware fashion than ever before, you need the Jundor Power Bellows.

Our incredible little fire starting marvel has won awards in the field of invention from the UK to Geneva for its amazing ability to light a fire quickly and easily. While we'd love to be modest about the fact, in truth we weren't surprised in the slightest.

How Do We Help You Start a Fire?

The Jundor Power Bellows help you to start a fire faster by providing a steady stream of air without the need for any huff and puff on your part. You'll never feel the temptation ever again to try to light a fire using dangerous, flammable liquids.

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